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Developers of Gnom.Guru CRM software have created a flexible line of tariffs. You can use only the features you need: choose your own!

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Gnom.Guru tariffs

Our customer tracking software is primarily focused on small businesses. We know well that such companies strictly control their costs, so we offer our users a flexible system of tariffs. Everyone can choose a suitable one that includes only the necessary options – and not overpay for those functions that are not needed!

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Free period

In order to test all the features of our marketing software for small business and choose the right set of tools we provide a free test period for our users. It lasts for one month or until 130 meetings are entered into the scheduling app - depending on what happens later. During this time all functions are available in the app without any restrictions. At the end of the test period you will need to select the appropriate tariff.


Today users of our business management app can choose one of five tariffs. Each next tariff includes all the features of the previous one - and additional options.

·         Basic is the simplest and most affordable tariff for using our small business CRM on a single device. It allows you to enter customer data into the system and save this information. If the phone is replaced or lost, the data will be saved: just install the app on a new device and log in with your username and password.

·         Calendar tariff is also designed for one device. In addition to the Basic tariff features it allows you to automatically send standard SMS messages to customers, calculate expenses and income and generate reports on your work.

·         Business is one of our most popular tariffs. It allows to use small business CRM on three devices under the same username. You may install it on a tablet and two phones. All options for working with SMS messages are available: for instance you can edit them according to your needs. It also includes many convenient additional options, such as providing discounts to customers, changing the format of the meeting card and the client, counting daily expenses and income etc.

·         Expert is a tariff necessary for those who want to send info to clients in messengers. Another important advantage of this tariff is online scheduling for customers through a special page. It also allows you to maintain an individual balance for a client, organize group meetings and apply a loyalty program.

·         Premium is the most advanced rate of the Gnom.Guru business management software that gives you special opportunities. It supports any number of devices, allows you to use salary features, restore deleted events and track the history of contacts-schedule-tasks changes.

All tariffs are calculated for one user. If you want to use the app for multiple employees, you can add the required number of users for each tariff. The cost of each employee is fixed and does not depend on the selected tariff.

Choose the necessary Gnom.Guru features and grow your business!

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer you!

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