Mobile CRM

CRM: high-speed collaboration

Why a modern small business must know what CRM is

CRM: high-speed collaboration

An indispensable helper

As soon as a small business owner bumps into multitasking it becomes quite easy to define their skills and aims. If they prefer an organizer, they are relaxed and not caring enough. However, notebooks are not able to cope with the amount of work nowadays. If you have means, you can hire a secretary but this is going to cost you a lot. Not everyone can afford expenses because of an additional employee.

Clever entrepreneurs act in a different way – they install a CRM system app to take on the dullest and most costly responsibilities. This program can make calls, send notifications, analyze data and so on. Let’s try GnomGuru CRM app as an example to research the topic.

1. Storing client histories.

Gnom can keep a whole chronicle of cooperation with each customer. This will arm you with necessary knowledge and will help to study particular relationships. Moreover, you will be informed about the preferences and needs of the person, which can be usable later. Generally, it will be simple for you to work with a big audience, as you shan’t forget anything.

2. Momentary contact management.

You can create a profile and save it in several clicks. It usually contains both standard info like phone number, email or address, and extra facts (hair length for hairdressers). If you do not work at the computer, no problem – our mobile CRM system is available for smartphone users!

3. Offline access.

For instance, you’re on the road somewhere or in a place, where there is no Internet connection. That’s just fine because our pipeline application is accessible regardless of the location. GG is perfectly ready to travel, so to say!
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4. Integration with other software.

We like to meet new friends, so synchronization with various digital assistants is a piece of cake. Need Google Calendar or Evernote mirrored in our soft and contrariwise? Just activate a correct function and you will get a full package!

CRM: high-speed collaboration

Interaction with the latest technologies is a must for your firm’s progress, so don’t miss the opportunity to download GnomGuru App which can optimize all mentioned processes. Why waste energy on materials account, statistics and alerts when you can automatize them? Buyer inflow and sales increase are possible after you get rid of unnecessary actions.

Leave the routine to GnomGuru app – update your job potential!

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